Competitive Team

What is the Competitive Team?

The B.K.S. Competitive Team was formed to rain selected, committed athletes to compete at the national and international level. These athletes have chosen to dedicate themselves to their karate development and training, often sacrificing participation in other activities to do so.Members of the B.K.S. Competition Team are prepared to increase their normal training schedule in order to prepare for a number of competitions. Numerous local tournaments prepare our athletes for national competitions, such as the Junior Olympics, and the U.S.A. National Championships, and at the international level, in the U.S. Open.

Finally, our top competitors who qualify for the US National Team are selected to represent our country at competitions around the world, such as the World Championships the Pan Am Games, The World Cup, and numerous other prestigious tournaments.

The goal of the B.K.S. Competition Team is to provide a program that fosters mental and physical excellence and allows our elite athletes to excel in sportsmanship, team unity and the ethics of karate-do. The students at our dojo train year round for the opportunity to compete in these events, and for the honor of representing both the B.K.S Dojo, and the State of North Carolina.


Want more information?

If you would like more information about the B.K.S Competition Team, we welcome your inquiry! Interested athletes or volunteers can speak directly to Sensei Rodriguez.


What is the USANKF?

The USA National Karate-do-Federation is the national governing body for all Karate in the United States. It represents the Untied States Olympic Committee and the Olympic Karate movement. If you are not currently a member of the USANKF, please take the time to join. Your membership will support the US Team and the future of Olympic Karate. More information can be found either at the Bushido Karate Shotokan Dojo, or contact us online.

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