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Valera Karate ContactIn the years 1975-1977 the name Full Contact had been prohibited by the Act Pierrefite then Minister of the Interior, we then renamed American Boxing . Pursuant to the authorization granted, the French Karate Federation began losing members who wanted to practice something else, more modern. The inability and lack of realism of some leaders of the time to make important decisions and manage this crisis ! Several elders decided to launch the Contact Karate in the FFKDA unfortunately poorly structured and poorly adviser , put this group too much time ; firstly develop a work techniques with a solid foundation and fundamental rigor and respect , arbitration rules very unsuitable , expensive and poorly protections appropriate to the various combat situations ! Then around 1985 this technique contact evaporated slowly , the French Federation especially developing Karate ” said traditional” with excellent results in their various national and international competitions.

Founded in 1978 in Lyon with 5800 redundant and having obtained approval Daniel Pitaval Peter Haga, Jacky Gerbet, the National Committee for Full Contact became the French American Boxing Federation Unified and Associated Disciplines, and the National Federation of American Boxing which disintegrated with the dissenting party FFBa.

After that the Full Contact American Boxing with and without Low Kick, Kick Boxing, Boxing Full, First Contact, Semi Contact, Light Contact, and surely I forget again … So you can see that it was difficult to recognize and to which group?

Other Independent clubs on the Presidency of Mr. Alexander Inspector General of Youth and Sports and Mr. Remy Head of Public Affairs Youth and Sports, I accepted the presidency to rally the troops to be elected for four years by 250 votes with Daniel and Pierre PitavalHaga. As technical manager of the National Committee of Full Contact and the French Boxing Federation and American Federation of Full Contact, we got twice the title of best team in the WAKO World Championships led by Italian EnnioFalsoni.

Very jealous of the success, tensions began to move into the group causing a major split that divided us and weakens considerably, especially vis-à-vis the public authorities in place. More subsidies for repeatedly misused or misdirected (or rather well directed by some malignant) of internal tensions Elected greedy of power, and especially titles preferences, favoritism, many words … words … which is made more ink flow into the offices of blood on the carpet or in the rings!

So jaded and disappointed for quite some time … when the DTN Francis Didier FFkaraté phoned me to tell me that in the forthcoming elections to take the fate of the French Karate Federation, he offered me the following: “If I become President of the FFkaraté, is that how would you like to join me to restart the contact karate? You know the answer because I work in the French Karate Federation since 2001 as Technical Manager KTAC, Member of the Technical Board of Senior Officers, Member of the Special Commission of Degrees and Diplomas Equivalents, Advisor to the President for Meetings Bureau Federations of Martial Arts and Combat Delegated to the Ministry of Regulator. I of course, took with me Jose Hernandez as Head of Arbitration me to organize and enforce the regulations on the ground implementation and endorsed by the National Technical Directorate FFkaraté led by Dominique and his assistant Giovanni CharréTramontini.

My job now is to continue working in this direction to please young and old with adapted competitions, passages of specific grades, training Leagues, Departmental or Inter Regions shares in the form of demonstrations and training in countries neighbors and now, in those (even away from the European community) me so request, such as Russia, Ukraine, Gabon, Iran, Mongolia, Sweden, Morocco, Australia, the USA, Chile, Argentina, Brazil.

I sincerely hope that this will continue walking forward for those who want to do something different, without changing the Fed, Clubs, see Teachers, and we no longer feel plague because we want to do something different without leaving the Karate Family.

I conclude by saying that: The one and only thing that can set the record straight in a combat sport is … CONTACT. Spread the word! Dominique Valera.

Dominique Valera Karate ContactDominic Valera

Karate Amateur: 9th Dan.
Cups and Championships in Lyonnais: 20 titles.
Cups and Championships of France: 17 Titles

International Cups: 3 titles. Cannes, London and Rome.
Championships Europe: 10 Titles
World Cup: New York 1 title in 1969
World Championships: 3rd place in Osaka / Tokyo 3rd place in 1970, first in 1972 Paris.

Full Contact – Kick Boxing: 9th Degree
4 titles of European Champions Full Contact Heavy mid 1976.1977, 1979, 1980.
2 titles of vice world champions in 1978 and 1981 Mid heavy weight
Pro Team member Memphis Tennessee. 1975 and 1976.

Total Full Contact Karate and 701 fights with 17 losses and 10 draws.

Founder member of WAKO Pro. World All Style Karate Organization.
Founder member of the 1st National Committee Full Contact in France.
Founding Member of the FNBA then FFBa then FUBADA and FFBa and FFKBFCDA.
Founding Member of KARATE CONTACT within the FFKAMA.
Technical Manager Contact Karate in the FFkaraté.
Expert under contract with the FFkaraté since January 2001.
Commissioner of Senior Officers

Doninique Valera

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