Itaya Michihisa Sensei

Itaya Sensei

Itaya Sensei

Itaya Michihisa Sensei was born February 27, 1941 in Toyama, Japan. Graduating from the University of Komazawa as a PE teahcer, Itaya followed his family’s traditional Buddhist Zen philosophy and decided to either become a Buddhist monk or continue his career in Karate.

After choosing marital arts, he graduated as an instructor at the Nihon Karate Kyokai (Japan Karate Association) and obtained the degree of Yondan.

In November 1966 Itaya arriced in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Despite language difficulties, Itaya managed to carry out the task and make known the true karate. It started well in Argentina and later on into Uruguay with the opening and expansion of many karate clubs under his supervision. Starting River Plate and South American tournaments and marked by ceaseless activity projects and aspirations for its entire people.

In 1969, Itaya Michihisa Sensei commands a team of Argentine and Uruguayan who attended the Karate Championship held during the XIX Olympic Games in Mexico. In October of 1970 he directed the Argentina team that participated in the first World Karate Championships held in Japan. At that time, approved the Godan, being 29 years old with a record withing the JKA. In 1972 he led the team in the second World Championships held in Paris. On June 1, 1973 Itaya Michihisa Sensei passed away in Buenos Aires at the age of 32 in a traffic accident.

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