It is a comprehensive training system that is based on the development of all the capabilities of the person synergistic: aerobic, anaerobic, muscle toning and fat reduction. Improves your overall performance, both his sporting life as their daily activities, and is accompanied by an aesthetic body improvement. It is more effective and efficient than any other system.
It takes place in a gym, where they are referred to all the elements necessary to achieve goals and where you can perform the individual or group work.
It is intended for those who fall within a sporting life, in any sport and at all levels (recreational, amateur or professional); and for those who are concerned about their quality of life, with different types of needs: lose weight, improve muscle aesthetics, etc. The latter, also they can be inserted into different sports as a leisure alternative within the training itself.
“It is so effective because it is the development of research of many years in the search for results in high performance with few tools,” says Orlando Baccino, director BATT Training System.

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